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In 2014, I recognized how much I appreciated the diverse community I grew up in. It may sound cliche, seem unauthentic, and even appear a bit naive. Well a large part of what I learned in 2014 has to do with my own realization that I have opinions and perspectives that are not always popular, but they are uniquely me. The lenses I use to make sense of the community I live in came from many years growing up and living in the Inland Empire (IE) of Southern California.

It was in 2014, while teaching a first year writing course for college students that I recognized shared perspectives and drives that my students and I had possessed. We hoped with a strong sense of realism for a better future. We all recognized that we had our own stories and histories, but we knew then and now how important education and communication would be to facilitate and make the changes we wanted to see.

Through this blog myself and other contributors hope to initiate conversations, access to resources, and build awareness of the collaborations that our IE can share with our global partners. Recognizing the many resources we have in the IE and the resources that the United Nations have to offer us can help us facilitate the changes that my self and my students want to see.

Published by Joseph Spencer

Educator in the Inland Empire.

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