UN General Assembly 2020– Are you Tuned in – The UNGA Events begins Today – September 15

Promoting a more inclusive and effective United Nations through dialogue on the 75th anniversary of its founding is what is needed today!  This webpage aims to generate critical thought by Inland Empire residents, especially our student and young professionals.

Our world has been torn apart by the pandemic, with almost everything that has guided our lives and daily actions changing.

While we seek new ways to carry on a ‘normal life’.  There is already a Roadmap to THE FUTURE WE WANT.   It’s called Agenda 2030, using the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Are you onboard already, or are you looking for a station to be able to hop onboard?  This website is being designed to be interactive, and help you get involved…

Take a few minutes to browse through one agenda for events happening over the next 2 weeks at the UN@75 Global Forum – https://www.platformglobalsecurityjusticegovernance.org/un75-global-forum-agenda/   

Pay attention to the time differences (3 hours earlier on the west coast) for both the livestream and zoom links provided for these 2 days (September 16 and 17).  Translations will be available in at least 15 other languages besides English.   I will only comment on Day 1 now:

The Opening Plenary Session (West Coast = 6:00 AM https://livestream.com/accounts/22723452/UN75GGForumSept16 ) will feature 2 of my long-time heroes (Ban Ki-Moon and Gro Brundtland) whose leadership and work influenced my career choices.

Many tough decisions will have to be made to decide which sessions to attend thereafter.  My choice for the next session, (beginning at 7:30 am PST) will be Rethinking the World’s System of Collective Security 75 Years After San Francisco [Zoom Webinar Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89314705291 ] Each of the other 3 sessions are well worth participating in, and I encourage students to divide up your classes to ensure small teams participate in each session.   Climate Governance: The Paris Agreement and Beyond [ Zoom Webinar Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86051900433 ] is extremely important as the US must re-engage the world community in this effort.

I have been taking part in the global discussions that have been taking place all this year, urging my fellow Americans to understand and get involved in the Sustainable Development Goals challenge (2015-2030) as we can help speed up the pace of achieving the twin goals of ending extreme povertyand hunger globally by 2030. 

At 9 am PST on September 16th , the 3rd session, I will attend A Global Civic Ethic, Countering Rising Nationalism, and The Future of Global Governance [ Zoom Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84617435437 ] is very important to me, not least because of the continuing political divide in my country is a major issue that we have to overcome.  The other 2 session topics are also I have worked with, and will attend recorded sessions afterwards.

There are many incredible events that I encourage IE participants to attend and afterwards post a blog about on our Borderless Communications IE website.   Looking forward to reading your blogs…. Make sure you include your recommendations and ideas about how to help improve the United Nation’s capabilities and networks (especially with both state and non-state actors, including students and young people) future work to achieve peace, sustainable development, human rights, and a stable climate….

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