United Nations General Assembly 2020 Summary – How To Be Appointed a Global Youth Envoy?

Did you listen to statements by Global Leaders during this year’s United Nations General Assembly or participate in any of the multitude of side-events?  If so, please post a blog about your experiences.   If not, there are many online platforms to learn about the incredible actions being planned over the next decade.

The United Nation’s Secretary General has named the 2020 Young Leaders for the SDGs https://www.un.org/youthenvoy/2020class/     These young people are involved in areas covering all 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and doing things that youth in our region are doing.   They are concerned, AND taking actions, often-times in partnership with existing local NGOs.  Some of these youth envoys have founded organizations that work to improve their communities.

One thing is consistent with these young leaders is that they are forward-looking, gaining skill sets and experience that have make them competitive for the jobs of the future.    Are you preparing yourself for the jobs of the future?    Would you be able to promote and represent the Inland Empire, working in collaboration with youth leaders from around the world to solve the problems facing us?

I had been hoping to see someone from the Inland Empire be named, as there is no shortage of bright, young talent in our region.  Borderless Communications IE is a website that has been launched to get young people from the Inland Empire involved in sustainable development activities. 

 Spend some time browsing the web link provided above if this article has convinced you that YOU want to be involved in achieving successful SDG outcomes for climate or humanitarian actions in your community or in collaboration with young people like yourself living anywhere in the world. 

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