Thinking about joining the Peace Corps?

I’m writing to urge young people considering becoming US Peace Corps Volunteers in the future to get involved in the debates going on around our country during this pandemic to help protect the future of the Peace Corps: Having been a Peace Corps Volunteer (in the Dominican Republic), a United Nations Volunteer (in Somalia), andContinue reading “Thinking about joining the Peace Corps?”

Providing Solutions to Local and Global Problems – Young people can help

The 2020 ESRI Education Summit was inspirational to me as a life-long Peace Builder.   As you read through this post, my aim was to have my ‘guiding principles’ deeply embedded, that building and reinforcing attitudes, institutions and structures that can actively work for peace and better future for ourselves and our children should be importantContinue reading “Providing Solutions to Local and Global Problems – Young people can help”

My Communications

In 2014, I recognized how much I appreciated the diverse community I grew up in. It may sound cliche, seem unauthentic, and even appear a bit naive. Well a large part of what I learned in 2014 has to do with my own realization that I have opinions and perspectives that are not always popular,Continue reading “My Communications”

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